November – Summerset Update

UPDATED 11/16/15:  Currently, there are 12 homes available to the “OVER 55″ buyer at Summerset; a similar number to November 2014 homes available.  Prices range from $399K to $599,500.  The bulk of the homes are in the 1700-2200 sq. ft.   It all comes down to model, location and condition on what relates best for the buyer. SUMMERSET HOMES FOR SALE!

There were 12 Summerset homes that SOLD in October,  and here is a link to Summerset homes SOLD

For more information on Summerset, call me at 925-852-1659.

October 2015 – Summerset Update

HalloweenUPDATED 10-23-15:     Happy October!  Time for OktoberFest celebrations (this weekend in Clayton), high school football games, Halloween Haunts, Pumpkin Fests (Oct 17 & 18 in Half Moon Bay), Fleetweek (Oct 5-12), and everything pumpkin to eat & drink!  Summerset residents have trips planned to many of the above events.

Summerset, Brentwood’s 1st “over 55″ community, currently has 16 homes on the MLS For Sale.   These homes range from 1022-2665 sq. ft, and $324K to $615K.   Several smaller homes came up, and quickly went PENDING, as demand is high for homes below $450K.  Summerset Homes FOR SALE   Check out the property on Centennial; it is a Peachtree model and priced well for its condition and location.  All Summerset homes are single story, with hallways wide enough for a walker/wheel chair and have a minimum of 2 bedrooms & baths.  Summerset homes are usually unfenced, but 3′,4′ and 5′ wrought iron fencing is allowed by the HOA.   HOA dues range from $84-$145/month, depending on the community.

Here is a link to the 4 Summerset homes that SOLD in September.

Keep checking this BLOG for updates.  If you have questions, or want a tour of Summerset, call me at 925-852-1659.

Wishing you a FABULOUS October!


Mid-month Summerset & Trilogy Vineyard Resale Update…………

UPDATED 9/21/15………..  September has been ACTIVE, as 7 homes in Summerset (Kent, Bountiful, Pearl, Jubilee, Gala, Bismarck & Summerset Drive) and 1 home in Trilogy Vineyards (Viognier Ct) went PENDING.

There is much demand for Trilogy Vineyard re-sales, as many buyers do not want to hassle the now 8.5 month build process.  The builder is also not taking Contingency sales.   There are 2 re-sale homes, a Costa Blanca that just came on the MLS & a Tropez.  Here is a link to those homes.  The Alicante that just had a Price Reduction is now PENDING.

Summerset has 14re-sale homes for sale, and  here is a link to these homes.   2 Smaller models with a 2 car garage just came on the MLS.  Summerset was Brentwood’s 1st “OVER 55″ community, built from 1994-2005.

For more information, keep checking back to this blog or call me at 925-852-1659.

Current re-sale homes in Summerset & Trilogy Vineyards….

P1020685(1)UPDATED 8-29-15:     Currently, there are 15 homes for sale in Summerset, ranging from $352K-$630K.  The smallest is a Sunmist model (1252 sq. ft.) that is a bank-owned and been on the MLS for quite some time.  The newest & largest is a Majestic model (2665 sq. ft.) with a golf course view (ignore the electrical tower) and a golf cart garage.  Three price reductions took place, the BEST being a Chesapeake model in SS#2 with 2 master suites priced at $220 sq. ft. Here are the: Summerset Homes on the MLS.

There are 2 golf course homes: Gala Lane and Central Park Place.    The homes on Jubilee and Gladstone border the golf course.  For those seeking an entry level duet, it will coming up for sale shortly.

Trilogy Vineyards re-sale homes now number only 3!  A highly upgraded and move in ready Alicante (1468 sq. ft.), a Tropez model (2721 sq. ft) and a Maxine (2846 sq. ft.) model.   Here is a link to those homes.    A “Coming Soon” sign is being advertised on La Tour.

Check out what both communities offer the “over 55″ buyer.  If you have questions, or want a home tour, call me at 925-852-1659.

Summerset Re-sale Update – 7/27/15

P1020629All of the advertising generated by Shea, for Trilogy Vineyard’s new models, has brought renewed interest in Brentwood’s 1st Over 55 community – SUMMERSET.  This community has over 26 models, 2000+ homes and is also gated.  HOA dues range from $85-$145/month, depending on community.   Brentwood Golf Club’s 27 hole course runs in/throughout the communities.  Summerset does not allow normal fencing, but 3′-5′ wrought iron fencing is allowed for added privacy and to keep your pet’s safe.

Currently, there are 15 homes on the MLS in Summerset.  Summerset in Brentwood is an “Over 55″ community, built from 1994-2005.  Homes range from the low $300K up to the mid $600K range, and sized from a duet at 964 sq. ft. to over 2600 sq. ft.  Here is a link to current homes in Summerset FOR SALE!


Trilogy Vineyards is a resort lifestyle.  If you don’t quite fit that lifestyle or need something a bit more affordable, check out Summerset; you may be surprised what it offers!   Thanks for reading and call/email me with questions or to request a home tour.   Wishing you a great week – Elaine King (925-852-1659)



UPDATED: July 13, 2015:  Hello!  Thanks for checking out my blog that highlights Brentwood’s two “Over 55″ communities of Summerset (built from 1994-2005) & Trilogy Vineyards (2007-present).

TRILOGY VINEYARDS….. Here are two great smaller model Trilogy Vineyard homes that are available…. 1) Signature Series Costa Blanca model at 1759 sq. ft; with OVER $100K in upgrades, 2)FABULOUS Mallorca Model (1602 sq. ft); everything a larger model has, but at a GREAT price.  This is the first time a Mallorca model has been up as a re-sale!


SUMMERSET… There are several New Additions & Price Reductions at Summerset.   Pricing ranges from $309K for a Duet model @ 1022 sq. ft., to $565K for a Redhaven model.  Finally, the home on Mariposa with the electrical lines is PENDING! :)  One of the BEST BUYS per square foot is the home on Rubidoux with 2 Master Suites, for $224 sq. ft.


Both communities have much to offer, with a variety of floor-plans.   For more information or to see these properties, call me at 925-852-1659.


Mid-June UPDATE…Summerset & Trilogy Vineyard Re-sale Homes……

UPDATED 6/27/15:    Happy Summer to you!   For those interested in re-sale information for Brentwood’s “Over 55″ Communities of Summerset & Trilogy Vineyards, this is the blog for updates. Summerset was built from 1994-2005 and has just over 2,000 homes; HOA fees are $84-$145, depending on the community.   Trilogy Vineyards (TV) started building in 2006, and they have +/-500 more homes to complete; their new models are coming out July 18th. TV HOA fees are $272/month.

Here are the 16 current Summerset homes on the MLS.  Prices start at $309K for a duet, to a $554,900K for a Chesapeake model with 2 masters.  Currently, there are 3 Peachtree models For Sale; that does not happen often, as this is a favorite model of buyers. Here is a link to recent homes that have SOLD in Summerset.

Here is a link to the current Trilogy Vineyard re-sale homes on the MLS.  Of these 4 homes, 2 are CONTINGENT.  There has not been any re-sales recorded for  May/June to date in TV.

Rentals in Summerset are SLIM, and more applicants than properties.  Currently, there are NO RENTALS on the MLS!

If you have any questions, or want to see a property, give me a call at 925-852-1659.  Wishing you a GREAT SUMMER of fun!

Regards, Elaine King




Summerset (Brentwood’s 1st “Over 55″ development) – June 2015

P1020629UPDATE  6/16/2015:  Happy June 2015!!!  It is time of graduations, Father’s Day, bbq’s, summer vacation, home buying/selling and enjoying the outdoors.  However, you spend it, I hope you have an enjoyable month.

Since the first of this month, several homes have gone OFF MARKET very quickly!   Not including the contingent Sunmist model on Centennial, only larger floor-plan homes are available.  On the lower size, there are 2 Peachtree models priced at $459K and $518K at 1790 sq. ft.  On the largest size, there are 2 Chesapeake models priced at $554,900 and $649,900. at 2430 sq. ft.   Here is a link to SUMMERSET HOMES FOR SALE.

I receive many calls from people wanting rentals.  YEAH – One is finally on the market.  :)   

What is needed are smaller homes, because there are buyers in the Under $450K category.  I did see a “Coming Soon” sign for a Rosebrook (103o sq. ft.) in SS#2 and a McClintock in SS#3, so check back on this blog for this and other updates.   For further information or a tour, please call me at 925-852-1659.   I live in Summerset, and I would be happy to assist in you home search.



P1020629May 30, 2015….   There are quite a few new listings, as well as several homes at 60+ days on the MLS.   The scales are tipped toward the number of homes priced at $500K or over!  That is a lot of homes, when most buyers are seeking homes in the $350-$450K price range.

There are 5 golf course homes FOR SALE: Franklin ($555K), Gala (549.5K), Suntan (580K), Richardson(650K), and Centennial (680K).  Each of these homes have different golf course views, upgrades, floor plans and features.


Here is a link to recent Summerset SALES!

There are NO RENTALS available at this time, and they are at a premium and not coming up very often.  :(

Call me with any questions at 925-852-1659, and keep checking back for updates.


Franklin ViewUPDATED 5/13/15:   May 1st marks the opening of the swimming pools at all the Summerset clubhouses, which are outdoors and open from May-Oct.  Water aerobic classes will take residents to the pools during the week, and the grandchildren’s visit will get them to the pool on the weekends.  :)  Nothing like going to the pool to start off the season!

Speaking of the season, the ANNUAL SUMMERSET GARAGE SALE is Saturday May 16th!  Mark your calendars and get in line for our treasures.  (Gates open at 8AM!)

Several new homes have come up on the MLS.  Two Edgewood (1905 sq. ft.) models on Liberty Lane and Bismarck Lane.  One home has an East-facing rear yard view over the vineyards and one is adjacent to the golf course.  A small (984 sq. ft.) duet on Desert Gold Terrace, and a larger duet on Kent.  Two new golf course properties: one on Gala in Summerset #1 and one on Richardson in Summerset #3, and a re-list of a Cascade model (2571 sq. ft.) on Stewart Way.  Finally, a bank-owned Sunmist model just emerged in SS#4 on Earlham at $392K. (The last bank owned Sunmist just SOLD at $350K.)

There are 4 homes at entry level pricing, under $325K and 7 homes at $500K and above.  Of these, 4 have golf course views.  Lacking are homes in the $350-$450K range, as this is the price point that many buyers are seeking.  Here is a link to Summerset re-sales!

There are 3 Chesapeake models for sale, priced at $554,900, $619,500 and $649,500.  One has a very privat back terraced backyard and two have golf course views.  This model features 2 master suites, on each end of the home and a great-room concept home.

The Summerset selling season has been May -October, when most homes change ownership.  If you do not find a home you are seeking, keep checking back to this blog for updates on new re-sale listings.  In the meantime, check out these unique homes, also.

Rentals in Summerset are VERY LIMITED, and currently there are not any available on the MLS.

For more information or a tour of Summerset properties, call me at 925-852-1659.  I am a Summerset resident and would be happy to answer your questions.

Wishing you a wonderful month of May!!!